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All work is lovingly designed and handmade solely by me, Robin Lee Becker. My work is made with sterling, brass, copper, semi precious stones and found objects.

Sometimes I design on a beach, or in the woods or even while swimming or in the shower!

My jewelry reflects my roots as a painter and my love of the creative process. I approach each piece with a plan, yet enjoy the evolution which often occurs as I choose to exploit the metal, push it further than I “should” and paint with the torch. That is when the torch feels like a brush to me.

My work is about rawness, geometry, surface and texture, and a leftover love of collage and found objects. I like things in contrasting combinations. I love the aging process of mixed metals as they naturally oxidize and patinate. I also have always been drawn to hearts—the endless interpretations—such a simple symbol for something so complex.

I love making my work and am grateful for all the people who have made it possible for me to continue on this unpredictable yet creative path.